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Certa Lok Offers Significant Benefits Over Alternatives

Certa Lok offers significant benefits over alternatives

Certa-Lok® restrained joint PVC pipe systems are uniquely designed to offer significant cost, performance, safety and environmental advantages over competing joint options and materials. The inherent simplicity, outstanding strength and immediate serviceability of the Certa-Lok joint, coupled with the unique characteristics of PVC pipe, deliver powerful advantages that apply to a wide variety of user needs.

• Simple, fast installation – far less time and effort
• Can be pushed as well as pulled – flexible and reliable
• Tool-free assembly – no solvents or special butt-fusion equipment needed
• Maintains watertight seal even after multiple assembly/disassembly cycles – a sustainable alternative to constantly buying replacement pipe joints
• Extremely resistant to harsh environments, acids and most chemicals – corrosion resistance
• Excellent impact and tensile strength – better performance plus the additional benefits of thinner pipe

Certa-Lok is made in the United States and trusted around the world.

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