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Cole Industrial and Technical Supply Company maintains a large inventory of high quality pneumatic actuatorsand electric valve actuators for most quarter-turn valve and damper applications up to 170,000 inch .lbs. Theseactuators are ideal for on-off, multi-position, and throttling applications. Gather more information with online casino 400 bonus. Our qualified sales staff can help select the best actuator and automation system for your application. In addition, our fully equipped machine shop andvalve automation center can assemble, adjust and test your valve system so it is ready to operate upon delivery!

Apollo Actuators And Controls

Cole Industrial and Technical Supply Company is an authorized Apollo VAC (Valve Automation & Control)center, able to provide quick shipment of complete ball valve automation packages. Apollo® actuators come in pneumatic and electric models for most applications.


1. Investment Cast Body
Assures manufacturing of other special alloys, such as Monel.
2. Unique Drive Pinion
One piece stainless steel alloy shaft, precision machined gear and teeth for precise control.
3. Bearings
Replaceable top and bottom TFE Pinion Bearings to ensure low friction, stability above 400°F, and chemical resistance.
4. Travel Stops
Provides +/-4° travel adjustment in outboard direction.
5. Accessory Mounting
Manufactured to NAMUR to provide international standardized mounting.
6. Stainless Steel Pistons
Precision cast pistons are guided through full face engagement with the opinion and piston guide.
7. NAMUR Slotted Shaft
Standard to provide a self-centering positive drive for positioners, a variety of switches.
8. Actuator Mounting
Manufactured in accordance with ISO 5211 to ensure mounting the actuator directly on valves.
9. Pre-loaded Cartridges
Converts a standard double acting actuator to a spring return unit by simply removing the end caps and adding the spring cartridges.
10. NAMUR Solenoid Mounting
International standard for direct mounting of solenoid valves.

CompacTorque Actuator

  1. Unique Universal Shaft Adapter
  2. Bearings
  3. Output Shaft and Pinion Gear
  4. Piston Guides
  5. Travel Stops
  6. Piston Seals
  7. Die Cast Aluminum End Caps
  8. Extruded Aluminum Body
  9. Thrust Washers
  10. Position Indicator
  11. Accessory Mounting
  12. Namur Slotted Shaft
  13. Actuator Mounting
  14. Die Cast Pistons
  15. Pre-Loaded Spring Cartridges
  16. Internal Porting
  17. Namur Slotted Mounting


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