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Cole Industrial supply offers electric, hydrualic and pneumatic actuators from Indelec Automation Inc, and Bi-Torque actuators and valve automation packages from Carbo-Bond Inc. Focus on recommendations online casino 400 deposit bonus.

Electric Actuators

BI-TORQ Electric Actuators BI-TORQ offers a full line of electric actuators with torque ranges from 100 inch pounds to 20,000 inch pounds. We offer 115VAC, 230VAC, 24VAC, 12VDC and 24VDC voltages. All electric actuators are available for modulating (4-20mA control) or on-off service. ISO mounting and a double star output shaft allow for direct mounting a variety of valves. BI-100 series (up to 100 in lbs of torque) BI-200/300 series (up to 300 in lbs of torque) BI-400/675/1000/1500 series (up to 1500 in lbs of torque) BI-2000/3800 (up to 3800 in lbs of torque) BI-200/300 Deep Base (for actuators with 4-20mA positioner) Electric spring return NEMA 7 (up to 300 in lbs of torque) 4-20mA electronic positioner 4-20mA Positioner Calibration IOM (AC) Battery Back-Up Device NL Series for butterfly valves HVAC/Damper actuators.

Pneumatic Actuators

SS-PN Series Stainless Pneumatic Actuator BI-TORQ’s new all-SS pneumatic actuator is ideal for applications where corrosion resistance is crucial. Pulp and paper, chemical, food and beverage, and marine applications are just a few of the places where our pneumatic actuators have already been specified. Along with our sanitary clamp end valve, stainless steel 2-piece and 3-piece, stainless steel 3-way and stainless steel 150# ANSI flanged valve, our stainless steel rack and pinion pneumatic actuator is the ideal corrosion-resistant solution for valve automation. Aluminum Actuators In Double Acting and Spring Return Newly-designed pneumatic actuator features a top mount indicator and open-close stop adjustment as a standard. In addition, state-of-the-art engineering has allowed us to reduce the size of the actuator without losing any torque. We still offer the same model sizes, from the 32 to the 270, which provides an output torque range of 40 inch pounds to 25,000 at 80 PSI supply air. Stainless Steel Actuators for Corrossion Resistance Our stainless steel pneumatic actuator is an investment cast 316SS electro-polish finish for sanitary, marine, pharmaceutical and other applications where corrosion resistance is crucial. It also makes for an ideal component with our sanitary clamp end ball valve for food, beverage and pharmaceutical operations. Vane Style Pneumatic Actuators and Spring Packs BI-TORQ represents Kinetrol vane style air-to-air pneumatic actuators as well as spring packs and Kinetrol accessories. Please contact our sales staff for more information.

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