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Cole Industrial and Technical Supply Company is an authorized distributor of Wilkins and Conbraco backflow preventers. Sized from 1/4″ to 10″, 40 Series products protect against back-pressure and back-siphonage. We offer double check valves and detector assemblies, reduced pressure valves and detector assemblies, dual check valves, continuous pressure backflow preventers, atmospheric vacuum breakers and pressure vacuum breakers. Easy to install, service and repair, the devices meet USC, FCCCHR, ASSE, AWWA, CSA, UL, FM and IAPMO standards.

Sewer Cleanout/Backflow Prevention Valve

The elder type valve with plunger installed greatly reduces the risk of sewage backflow into your residence and provides an easy access for emergency cleanout.

Place this valve inline with your sewer drain line, and place an access pipe to the top port of the valve. The access pipe will allow easy access to the valve’s shut-off and clean-out features.

Installing this valve will provide the following benefits:

  • Great reduction of the possibility of raw sewage backup with the plunger installed
  • Easy access for sewer line cleaning
  • Disconnection of the sewer line in low lying areas prone to flooding
  • Municipality or water service provider can disconnect prior to repair or cleanout
  • Disconnection of line for delinquent payment to service providers
  • Compatible with SDR and Schedule 40 Piping Systems
  • Plunger and Housing meet the same specifications and are interchangeable with other popular brands of this design such as elder valves
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