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Cole Industrial and Technical Supply Company maintains a large inventory of butterfly valves for most applications. These valves are available as a standard resilient seated valve or a high-performance or metal seated valve.

Mueller Butterfly Valves

General Service Butterfly Valves

The bodies are cast iron as standard, however, ductile iron bodies are available upon request. Mueller Steam Specialty offers a wide combination of seats and discs to handle many services. The viton and seat designs offer a two-piece stem design to allow ease of repair and service. All units come standard with ISO mounts to ensure ease of actuation.

Industrial Butterfly Valves

Mueller Steam Specialty Butterfly Valves are designed for ANSI Class 125/150 flanges and in compliance with MSS-SP-25, MSS-SP-67, API-609 and MIL-V-22122C ships, Type 1, Classes A-D. MSS Butterfly Valves are also approved by the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). All valves are 100% factory tested to guarantee bi-direction, drop tight shut-off at full rated pressure.

High Performance Butterfly Valves

The Mueller Steam Specialty High Performance Butterfly Valve is ideal for the pulp & paper industry, chemical, power, air conditioning, petroleum and refining. These units are available in Carbon Steel, 316 Stainless Steel bodies, wafer or lug options, ANSI ratings of 150 or 300, and a choice of actuator types such as lever, handwheel, etc.

Ultraflo Butterfly Valves

Numerous features distinguish Ultraflo products. Continual design evolution and significant investment in tooling provide the base from which Ultraflo’s quality reputation has been built.

390/393 Series Butterfly Valves

Designed specifically for pneumatic conveying and abrasive applications. The valve characteristics include a seat designed specifically for schedule 40 piping, matching the seat ID with the inside diameter of the pipe wall. The result is smoother product flow and less abrasion of valve components. Valve sizes range from 2″ – 12″ .

399/392 Series Butterfly Valves

This series provides a bi-directional pressure rating of 150 psi with stainless steel disc/stems and 100 psi with encapsulated disc/stems. These valves have been designed for applications requiring high flow, minimal product entrapment and complete protection of valve components from the line media. Valve sizes are from 2″ to 12″

400/422 Series Butterfly Valves

This economical, resilient seat valve is available in a wide variety of materials and provides a bi-directional pressure rating of 150psi. Precision machined to close tolerances and constructed of high quality materials, the 400/422 series delivers long service life, ease of operation and maintenance, and reduced cost. Valve sizes are from 2″ to 24″.

410/412 Series Butterfly Valves

The 410 model, a wafer style body is available in sizes 24″-36″. The 412 model a double flanged style body, is available in sizes 24″ to 48″. Both models have a bi-directional, bubble tight shut off pressure rating of 150psi. This series also features high Cv ratings, full isolation of body parts from line media, heavy duty construction, reliability and long service life.

500 Series Butterfly Valves

This economical line of high pressure valves meet today’s industrial process requirements. Wafer and Lug style bodies are offered, which are drilled and tapped to meet ANSI Class 125/150 flanges.

600 Series Butterfly Valves

The 600 series is a cartridge seated butterfly valve. Offering bi-directional pressure rating of 200psi with elastomer seats and 150 psi with PTFE molded seats. The 600 series can be utilized in many applications where standard resilient seated valves have proven ineffective. Available from 2″ to 12″, and stainless steel or ductile iron in both wafer and lug styles.

Fly Ash

This unique series of butterfly valves are specially suited for low pressure, high heat and highly abrasive applications where immediate and bubble tight shutoff is not required. The Fly Ash series maintains a median gap of .020″ between the valve disc/stem and bore, and relies upon compaction of the line media to form a seal; therefore eliminating the need for a resilient seal. This design is ideal for fly ash collection systems in which the highly abrasive nature and high temperature of the media renders standard resilient seated butterfly valves useless, and the physical properties of the fly ash are favorable for sealing

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