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Cole Industrial and Technical Supply Company distributes high quality expansion joints for most industrial applications.



Cole Industrial and Technical Supply Company is an authorized distributor of Unaflex expansion joints. Unaflex has a 100,000sq ft. State of the art facility for the Production of Rubber Expansion JointsMetal Expansion Joints, Expansion Joints lined with, Metal Bellows Expansion Joints, High Temperature Fabric Expansion Joints, Corrugated Metal Hose, and Industrial and hand made Rubber Hose. Try an individual’s good fortune utilizing 400% deposit bonus. Unaflex® is the only company in the United States that manufactures as complete a product line of Expansion Joints and Hose under one roof.


Cole Industrial and Technical Supply Company is an authorized distributor of Proco Expansion Joints. Proco Products, Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of piping/ducting system expansion joints. They offer one of the most complete line of rubber and molded PFA expansion joints, fabric fan connectors, braided flexible hose assemblies and low torque sealing gaskets to the piping industry.

Flexicraft Industries

Flexicraft Industries is your one call for all types and styles of expansion joints and flexible connectors. Metal, rubber, and PTFE expansion joints and braided metal hose are all here in exceptional quality and value. A complete line of products that add flexibility to piping means our industrial customers will find what they need at Flexicraft, a manufacturer with over 30 years of experience.

  • Metal Expansion Joints

    Model NLC joints yield the perfect balance in performance and value. Model N joints provide versatility for the 50 and 150 psi classes with hydroform forming. The ultimate in control is provided with our Model C ring controlled joint. And if you have a high pressure requirement, choose the Model WD welded diaphragm joints. The best joint for long axial movements is the Model EP, which can give you 4″, 6″ or 8″ of compression in a single joint. Compensators are also available up to 4″ diameters for axial movements. And a sanitary clean-in-place joint with a bonded silicone liner is provided. Options include various materials, liners, covers and tie rods, as well as variations such as doubles, universal styles, and others. Proper use of pipe guides must be followed with any expansion joint.

  • Rubber Expansion Joints

    Arched joints with backing rings are seen in our spool and reducer joints. The Ultraspool joints offer the greatest variety in options, size, and number of arches. Flextra 150s also have an arch, but can provide greater movement and economy. Duct joints are available as well. Ultraspheres are inexpensive yet tough, with heavy flanges that can be rotated for easy installation. Ultraspheres with Cables are also available up to 12″ diameters to eliminate the need for installing control units. Ultrasphere Twins provide additional allowed movement, and are can be supplied with union ends on the Ultrasphere Twin Unions. Rubber Pipe and clamp-on Flexible Couplings can also meet special needs. Any specials, including a great variety of materials, flange types, higher pressures or movements, filled arches, and other options, are available with most models.

  • PTFE Expansion Joints

    Flexicraft PTFE expansion joints are used for corrosive applications when other materials are inappropriate. They are available in 2 Convolution, 3 Convolution and 5 Convolution models, with varying amounts of allowed movement. All models have limit rods, are normally drilled to ANSI 125/150# standards. They conform to the performance characteristics described in the Fluid Sealing Association’s guidelines. Specials, including more convolutions, flange types, and other options, are available models.

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