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Cole Industrial and Technical Supply Company is an authorized distributor of Keckley float valves. Since 1914, Keckley engineering and manufacturing has been working for industry and commercial building installations worldwide. Float valves and lever valves are designed to control the level of liquids through mechanical actuation. Float valves are actuated through the attached float ball, float rod, and lever assembly and do not require any external power source. Lever valves are actuated through the use of some external power source such as manual operation, float boxes/mechanisms, electric motors or other actuators, through external linkage to the lever of the valve.

Gadren Machine Company Float Valves

Cole Industrial and Technical Supply Company is a stocking distributor of Gadren Machine Company Float Valves.

Gadren Machine Company

Gade Brass Heavy-Duty Float Valves

Heavy Duty Float Valves for industrial and commercial use. For use where reliable liquid level is required. The Gade Float Valve is mechanically operated by a suitable float ball that rides on the surface of the controlled liquid. Available in sizes from ½” to 3″ and are available for immediate delivery. Sizes ½” to 3″ NPT Neoprene disc for temperatures up to 180° disc for hot water and harsh applications 360 degree swivel and adjustable float arm Reversible action Available with stuffing box for external mounting Balanced action – single seated for tight shutoff American Made

Gade Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Float Valves

Stainless Steel float valves for harsh environments and corrosive liquids Our unique Square Body investment casting design allows for easy installation and provides long lasting, trouble free, reliable level control of fuels, corrosive liquids and food products. Available in sizes ½”, ¾”, 1″, 1 ½”, 2″, 3″ NPT disc and cup for hot water (300°) and harsh applications Type 316 stainless steel investment casting construction Operating pressure of 100 PSI Balanced action – single seated for easy operation Angled or globe bodied Stuffing box and lever valve available

U-Line Float Valve

Gadren U-Line™ Float Valve, an economical alternative for less demanding conditions offering reliable service at a budget price. With reduced maximum working pressure than our Gade Line float valve it still offers unrestricted flow for maximum flow to meet the needs of many applications. U-Line™ float valves are constructed of brass with aluminum rods and polystyrene floats for cold-water service up to 180° or with discs for hot water applications with a copper float.

Swimming pools
Landscape ponds
Animal watering troughs
Steam cleaners

Model 1000 Float Valve/Kerick PVC Float Valve

Inexpensive all brass float valve for lighter duty applications and still provides reliable liquid control for:
Storage tanks
Air conditioning
Livestock watering

Available as valve only or complete with rod and float Sizes 3/8″, ½”, ¾”, 1″ have threaded inlet and outlet Sizes 1 ¼’, 1 ½” and 2″ have threaded inlet only All brass construction with neoprene disc Livestock model available. The Kerick PVC float valve for economical alternative for corrosive resistance and hard water conditions Molded from a NSF approved PVC with 18-8 stainless steel hardware Excellent resistance to a broad range of reagents and mixtures that are corrosive to many other materials Available with 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, & 1-1/2″ MNPT on inlet and outlet or as a tank mounted valve

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