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Limit Switch / Proximity

Reliably monitor both manual and actuated valves. Proximity Controls’ flexible Valve Position Monitoring Systems give users the ability to reliably monitor both manual and actuated valves. The durable position monitoring system features mounting hardware available in zinc plated steel, stainless steel, and Namur standards for all Proximity indicator models.

Limit Switches / Stonel

Indicates open or closed position of the valve/actuator package


Quick Access Cover: A lockable, part turn cover ensures fast access for rapid set-up.

High Visibility Indicator: The Red/Green indicator offers clear indication of the current valve position from up to 20 meters (65 feet).

Quick Set Cams: Touch & Tune Switch Cams are set without the need for additional tools further reducing installation time.

Compact Design: The SolaR Series is a compact construction, minimizing valve package envelope size.

Easy Wiring: Despite its compact design, the SolaR Series is surprisingly easy to wire up with plenty of room to bring wires into the enclosure.

Engineered Resin Enclosure: A rugged engineered resin enclosure offers excellent impact and chemical resistance.

IP67 & NEMA 4, 4X Protection: The SolaR Series is suitable for most intrinsically safe and general purpose applications.

Back-Wire Facility: With 2 conduit entries standard and two additional termination points, solenoid valves may be terminated within the enclosure, reducing installation costs.

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