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Michael V. Torres | CEO/President

Focused, driven, and intense. Mike is the founder and leader of the Cole Industrial team. With now 20 years in the industry he is knowledgeable, but still eager to learn and adapt with the changes constantly evolving in the industry.

David Thurner | Vice President

With over 15 years’ experience in industrial carbon steel pipe and fitting sales, Dave is capable of assisting customers in just about every facet of the steel market. Whether it is full truckloads of one size, specialized grades, oddballs, heavy walls or cut-to-length pipe, he has the ability to provide economical solutions. After spending 6 years in the US Navy, Dave takes pride in the high level of attention to detail he shows to every order. This makes him the perfect choice to help manage and guide the continued growth and success at Cole.

Desiree Walker | Comptroller & HR

A West Virginia native, Desiree is a master of her craft in both being the comptroller and maintaining employee information for Cole Industrial. Beginning her career at a public accounting firm, she has been with Cole since 2014, has 20+ years of experience and has been an absolute blessing since her arrival. She is also the proud mother of a wonderful son.

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