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  • Sanitary fittings are utilized in so many facets of life – production and bottling of various beverages and food. Next time you pour your morning glass of OJ while enjoying toast with jam or cereal with milk, you’ll know at one point, all of these have made it through some form of a sanitary fitting or tube.
  • Sanitary fittings come with a polished OD and ID (OD to 150 grit min, ID to 32 RA max). Having a polished ID prevents any media from getting stuck in any weld beads or imperfections, preventing the backup leading to potential bacterial buildup.
  • Biopharma fittings available as well – holding higher properties, made only in 316 and is used for the production of medicine with higher restrictions to make sure there are no issues with the finished product.
  • The sanitary market plays such a huge role in our daily lives, and we have the product to help you finish your processing systems, or for maintenance required on existing systems.
  • Cole Industrial has one of the largest selections of inventory in Florida and can ship same day* to help you with your project.
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