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Mechanical polishing is done in-house with abrasive materials on rotary equipment. We use hand held tools for difficult to access or unusually shaped parts, or automated processes for larger areas . To achieve a polished surface, a series of abrasive grits are applied in a successively finer sequence until the desired finish or surface roughness is achieved. Cole Industrial performs polishing services on bar and tube to a #4 finish. #4 Finish is a general purpose polished finish widely used for restaurant equipment, kitchen equipment, store fronts, dairy equipment, etc. Following initial grinding with coarser abrasives, sheets are generally finished last with abrasives approximately 120 to 150 mesh.


Removing one step in your process, so you can complete your job more efficiently we have the in-house capability to service your requests. Piece count or length does not matter. Please send us all your cutting requests.


Need material threaded both ends? One end? Have an odd length outside of the standard? We’ve provided customers with custom threaded items for over a decade, and have them return for all their needs every time. We look forward to providing you with quality threaded items.


We can provide coating services like Hot-dip galvanizing and painting. Do you need the material blasted bare before installation? We can do that, too.


We can pack material in custom crating to protect it for shipment. Bag & Tag for delivery to job site or shop Mill test reports, certificates of compliance and other document preparation.


One of the few in Central Florida who have the capability to bevel material IN-HOUSE, it’s another step we can remove from your process, freeing up your time for advanced steps, allowing to potentially finish the job ahead of time.

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