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Cole Industrial and Technical Supply Company has a valve for almost every Industrial and Sanitary application. We inventory valves in stainless steel, A20, bronze, cast steel, forged steel, alloy steel, and iron. Our experienced staff can help you select the valve that is best for your application.


Backflow Preventers

Ball Valves

Butterfly Valves

Check Valves

Control Valves

Cryogenic Valves

Float Valves

Gate Valves

Globe Valves

Instrumentation Valves

Knife Gate Valves

Lined Valves

Metal Seated Ball Valves

Needle Valves

Plastic Valves

Plug Valves

Regulating and Relief Valves

Sanitary Valves

SF/Sure Flow Equipment Foot Valves

Solenoid Valves

Valve & Y-Strainer

Sanitary Valves

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